Campionati mondial - Pietermaritzburg 2017

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Francesca, eclectic and multiple medalist.

Here is the first one: blue and red. Red like fire, what's in it and makes it go further.
Two gold medals (chronometer race and online race) won by Francesca Porcellato at the recent world championships held in Pietermaritzburg in the Republic of South Africa.

Excellent 4th place in the online race and 5th position in the stopwatch also for Vittorio Podestà, who dropped from the two Olympic medals last season, has devoted himself to the testing of the new carbon frame that will soon be presented thanks to his technical collaboration .


Paralympic games - Rio 2016

You write "hand bike" is goldmine law for Italian sport. Our compliments to the blue team in the Paralympics in Rio 2016 medals in this discipline, has three courses of the most precious metal thanks to Alex Zanardi (time trial H5), Vittorio Podesta (Time Trial H3) and Luca Mazzone (Time Trial H2), two bronze thanks to the exploits of Francesca Porcellato (Chrono H 1-3) and Giancarlo Masini (Time Trial C3). A unique day, triumphant, extraordinary, that ennobles a sport considered "niche" to the attention of the general public.

Hand Bike Road World Championships Nottwil in Swiss 2015

At the Hand Bike Road World Championships Nottwil four Italian golds in the individual time trial and is now a memorable day.

Victory by Luca Mazzone (category H2 ) and Francesca Porcellato ( H3 ) in the morning races ; golds Alex Zanardi ( H5 ) and Vittorio Podesta ( H3 ) close in the most beautiful way on the afternoon of a World Championships to remember.

Hand Bike Road World Championships in Greenville (USA) 2014

Vittorio Podestà has won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal at the Rita Cuccuru Road World Championships in Greenville (USA) riding the new Carbide Rita Cuccuru.

At the Para-triathlon World Championships in Edmonton (Canada) Giovanni Achenza has made his debut in the Italian team and has come in fifth, obtaining a great success.Also Rita Cuccuru has won a bronze medal, obtaining an unexpected and well merited result on her Maddiline Carbide.

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