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No two people are the same. Each person is unique, with his or her own peculiarities and individual needs.

We at Maddiline Cycle produce custom-made hand bikes and bicycles according to a precise principle: “tailor-made only”. Maddiline Cycle is a high-flexible company based in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona, Italy). Our strengths are listening to your needs and producing high-quality bikes and hand bikes with precise handicraft and great attention to details.
Passion for our work reliability and expertise are the distinguishing features of our activity in the hand bike field.

In our laboratory-workshop we employ the best materials technology in order to design and hand-build bike frames and Maddiline complete hand bike with greatest precision and accuracy. Champions win sport competitions, and you win, too - each time you find the right incentive to do your favourite sport with satisfaction and perform a correct and rewarding physical activity.
The Maddiline Cycle hand bikes are often revolutionary and creative. We are improving them continuously and meticulously, aiming at a perfect harmony between power and speed, good feeling and comfort.

Maddiline Cycle’s Mission

Our mission is supplying bicycles and hand bike with state-of-the-art structures and frames, which are optimally adjusted in order to meet our customers’ individual requirements of reliability and customization.
Our goal at Maddiline Cycle is producing bicycles and hand bikes that can best support sport performances of both professional athletes and sport enthusiasts and let them “… go beyond their limits in order to reach further goals”.

The passion for our work spurs us to a dogged research of the best solutions in the field of hand bike for all hand cycling athletes and enthusiasts. With our products we offer our customers both a professional consulting service and a point of reference, because we believe that everyone should have a trustworthy partner and his own reliable and competitive bike. The Maddiline Cycle’s customer base includes well-known athletes and champions such as Rita Cucurru, Francesca Fenocchio, Will Lackenauer and Giovanni Achenza.

We are also proud to co-operate with the several time champion Vittorio Podestà, our professional partner on-the-field. Among our long-standing customers there are also many sport enthusiasts. For them all we are committed to best performances, in order to always supply all of them with a fully gratifying hand bike.

vittorio pod

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