• Carbide 2018

    The innovative Maddiline frame design offers a hand greater aerodynamics and greater ergonomics, setting a new standard in terms of driving performance. All this combined with a lower weight.

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  • Carbide Hybrid

    A mighty fast and flowing handbike, which with its ergonomics and lightness facilitates the athlete's run. A real work of art.

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Our Expertise, Your Success.

Here at Maddiline Hand Cycle we have been hand-building bicycles and hand bikes for over 25 years with great passion for our work, precise handicraft production and professional service. In our laboratory-workshop we employ the best materials technology in order to design and hand-build tailor-made bike frames and complete hand bikes with greatest precision and accuracy. So let our expertise be a springboard for your success. Our mission? Building bicycles and hand bikes, which best enhance your passion for cycling.

Vittorio Podestà - World Champion

Electrical FTT.


QUADRIX electrical hanbike wants to offer pleasure, autonomy and fun with play - robust and reliable sports products . It is possible adaptations and customizations . MADDILINE CYCLE is the exclusive dealer for Italy.
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